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Nature Wanderers and Oass


In January 2012 Nature Wanderers was awarded with an exciting project called OASS. OASS is a commercial international film which has been shot in Delhi and Uttranchal around the child trafficking racket in India.


It traces the journey of a 11 yr old girl who was smuggled from Nepal and was sold multiple times at a young tender age. It talks about the brutality towards a girl child in India. It talks about the hypo critic society of our country that worships Durga on one hand and exploits an 11 yr old girl on the other. NW was appointed as the official photography consultants for this project which essentially had the best of international film technicians and Indian artists. NW gave the opportunity to 4 of our participants to handle the stills for this film. These stills apart from being used for the promo and marketing of the film will be used for exhibitions at 7 major cities across the globe included the Cannes Film Festival in May 2012.




The proceeds from the exhibition sale will go to these 4 participants and will also be donated to an NGO that is fighting for the cause of child trafficking in India.

Presenting the OASS team of still photographers:


  • For Nature Wanderers
    • Aneel Stanley
    • Anindo Dey
    • Sunny Yadav
    • Shovna Upadhyaya

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