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Saatra (T17) in Ranthambhore

Saatra (T17) in Ranthambhore

The week has been quite traumatic in the tiger world of India. The opening week of the new year brought bad news from Ranthambhore as the reigning/exiled queen of Ranthambhore (whatever you may call her) fought with a male over a kill and succumbed to injuries. The overprotective mother who has giving tiger lovers a torrid time because of her erratic movements was seen limping repeatedly over a period of 2-3 days and soon a medical team was called in for her treatment.

Vijaya - The Warrior Queen

Vijaya – The Warrior Queen

Down in the fort area of Bandhavgarh, Vijaya has been confining herself in the cozy comforts of the Bandhavgarh fort. Reports of her swollen leg were a cause of worry as the warrior queen has a major handicap in the form of 1 functional eye.

As the queen mothers are nursing their respective injuries we hope for their speedy recovery for the future of the tiger estates they own hinges on their own personal health…

One response

  1. H.Jagannathan

    Law of Jungle is swift and unbiased. The cleverest, srongest,fastest,quickest,survive.
    Pray for speedy recovery of Vijaya

    January 9, 2013 at 6:56 am

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