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Striped Settings of Corbett

Saal Cover in Corbett

One of the best wild habitats of India, there is something special about the striped wonder of Corbett National Park. The mystic aura around a Royal Bengal Tiger of Corbett coupled with the rarity and elusiveness of the cat because of the tough terrain makes a Corbett tiger sighting very special. Having worked in this park for close to a decade I have always dreamed about some studio settings in Corbett. Some of these dreams have been realized in the past and some are still carefully preserved as dreams that may realize if Mother Nature is kind enough…

Corbett is the only aspect of wild India wherein you can experience and feel the presence of a tiger against the majestic Himalayas that border this pristine forest. The towering saal structures come to a standstill when a Royal Bengal Tiger walks amidst the saal cathedral making the striped king look a mere part of the vast ecosystem.

As a photographer, I seldom start my Corbett drives with a tiger mindset as for me Corbett is special because of reasons other than the tiger. The dramatic light in addition to the overwhelming backdrops triggers your creativity continuously and your soul and shutter is continuously at work. Tigers have been incidental and the brief glimpses of the cat makes the tigers of this forest the supreme lord of wild Kumaon.

Earlier this week, it was an awesome feeling to witness a tiger in two dream settings of Corbett. Sharing some of the images that depict these feelings:

Tiger in Corbett Landscape

Tiger in Corbett

Tiger in Saal Cover

2 responses

  1. Subrat

    Among all the best picture, last one stands out. Incredible setting Shivang and the Corbett is awesome. Excellent narration with outstanding pictures.

    February 28, 2013 at 3:46 pm

  2. Vineet Kumar

    I feel the beauty of Corbett stands out. In this pic, the surroundings are far more engaging than the tiger. That’s what I love about Corbett. When I went to Corbett for the first time I could not see a tiger, but what I saw and experienced was beyond imagination and thereafter its an annual event for my family and after the first trip, we saw tigers every year without a miss.

    Great Pic. Such beautiful writings with light inspires me to work harder with my camera.

    Thanks a lot.

    February 15, 2017 at 5:56 am

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