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Trumpets beacon the Indian Savannah again…

A few years back, summers used to full of the shrilling sounds of the gentle giants of Dhikala in Corbett National Park. Loss of habitat due to repeated flooding post the monsoons coupled with disturbed migratory trends and shrinking corridors reduced the numbers of Asiatic Elephants that used to throng the grasslands with the onset of summer in search of the fresh elephant grass and the cooling waters of the Ramganga river that garlands this pristine Kumaon forest.

The situation was expected to improve this year as the grasslands which were disrupted due to floods are on a revival mode. As per the expectations the elephant conglomeration in Dhikala seems quite encouraging as for the first time in many years occasional herds of 80+ elephants team up against the setting sun at the Dhikala chaur reminding one of the glorious days of observing the behavior of one of the most intelligent mammals of our planet.

Here are some images depicting the moods of the Dhikala chaur this summer:

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