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Stripes Galore this Summer

The Nature Wanderers Tiger Marathon for 2013 focused on Ranthambhore and Bandhavgarh and the prolonged periods in these prime tiger territories ensured that I along with the team of NW photographers spent prolonged periods in these striped wonderlands.

The presence of tigress around the lakes makes Ranthambhore safaris very special for as a photographer this gives you the opportunity to create images which are different from the mundane images which you can probably get in any forest. The unique conglomeration of ancient monuments, blue waters of the Rajbagh lake and the silent stripes crossing these calm waters makes the lakes one of the most happening backdrops to shoot tigers in India.

The innocent looking Banbahi sub adult cubs who had made the Tala backyards of Bandhavgarh their playground last season are now sharing territories with their mother (Banbahi female) who is nursing a fresh litter of 4. The pristine Rajbehra area is back in action with the 4 cubs breathing life to the sparkling waters and grasslands of the once prime tiger habitat of Tala. The exiled king Bamera shares his meal with the Banbahi sub adult siblings in addition to being a responsible father for the new litter of 4 (Banbahi).

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