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The World You Want

Herd in Corbett

We share this planet with you and are as much, if not less, vulnerable to the heightening debate on sustainability, though, we understand nothing of this jargon from our so called weaker intellect and intelligence, but many of us are sufferers to the extreme in the past decades and have become unsustainable to survive on this planet, that we share with you.

Our speechless sounds do not make voice to be understood, but some wanderers of the nature from amongst you do understand some of our plights, sensing from the expressions of our eyes and behaviour and tragedies that we have faced, in the course of the development of accelerated development, for which, agenda had been set and implemented by you after much debates, discussions and considerations, beyond our comprehension.

The king patrols his kingdom

You may be elated by increasing Gross Domestic Product (GDP) but we have faced Gross Depletion of Population (GDP). In the past two hundred years, you have grown from 1 billion to 7 billion but many of us are either extinct or on the verge of extinction. Our process of extinction is thriving enterprise of yours, adding billion of dollars to your GDP for your happiness and satisfaction in attires, costumes, decoration, diet or simply fun. Your quest for happiness and wellbeing is driven by the animal spirit for speed and efficiency, and is disrobing our habitats. In out conflict with you in this tussle, we are shot, killed, crushed or smashed.

In redefining the World You Want with sustainability concern engaging mountains, water, air and soil and possibly forest; wilds and the habitats of the wild are possibly not even in the wild imagination of yours. Our speechless plea is to include us in your quest for World You Want to be appropriate as World We Want, and for our sustainability, if speed needs to be reduced, we plea for the same.

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