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Migration Uncut 2016 – Week 2

_W2I4778_W2I5168_W2I4890_W2I4991_W2I5561Our guests took over the baton from week 1 and witnessed some extraordinary river crossings spanning for hours. It all began at 7am in the morning and happened in multiple shifts. The Mara was glittering blue and with the army of horns in the river it made a spectacular photographic frame. The week also saw some tender moments with Malaika’s new litter of 2 cubs and the cute lion cubs overlooking Serena. Other highlights were a beautiful evening with Serval cat and some failed lion hunts.

Signing off from the banks of the Mara river as a fresh batch of guests are awaiting a river crossing which may start any moment.





Migration Uncut 2016 – Week 1

It was a good start to our annual Masai Mara photo safaris as we are close to wrapping up week 1 of Migration Uncut 2016. We photographed some good river crossings, lion cubs and cheetah action this. The weather has been clear and we have had some great sessions with various subjects in the morning and evening light.

Leaving for a game drive now and sharing some images that wrap up this week.