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Leopards & Shepherds of JAWAI

Cover Sample

It was pleasure working on a book project with Shatrunjay Pratap – my friend and owner of Bera Safari Lodge in Jawai Bera in Rajasthan. Leopards & Shepherds of JAWAI is a story of the harmonious relationships shared by the leopards and the local Rabari tribes of the region. It was a great experience experimenting with leopard images in the past few years for this project. From night photography of this elusive cat to use of technology in the form of camera traps, Leopards & Shepherds of Jawai helped me to understand and observe cat behaviour closely.  Through her poetic writings Shatabdi Chakrabarti has given the perfect voice to Shatrunjay’s thoughts about the location and his adventures in this fascinating landscape.

Grab a copy today to know more about the secretive lives of leopards in this remote location of Rajasthan in India

Write to info@naturewanderers.com for details. Discounted offer – INR 2100/-



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