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Cherubs of the mist…

Reporting from the lap of the Himalayas under the shadow of the mighty Kanchenjunga range where we are currently following a family of the rare and elusive Red Panda in the wild. It has been an absolute spectacle watching and observing the mysterious lifecycle of this wonderful jewel of Eastern Himalayas. The green moss struck trees in this emerald forest light up when an innocent looking creature opens its red coils against some majestic backdrops in a mystic forest.

Here are some moments… Many more to come!


Glitter of Singlila

Himalayan Fireworks

I had heard a lot about Singlila… Rare Himalayan birds, the exotic red panda, Himalayan black bears and the elusive clouded leopard. Despite of the high potential of wildlife on offer I entered Singlila with zero expectations. My aim was to enjoy the beauty of this remote wilderness of India and ofcourse the joy of trekking through virgin forests – something which I have always enjoyed.

Within the first few hours of setting my foot inside Singlila National Park, a few aspects of the forest caught my eye. From the soft morning light that turned this forest to gold to the unpredictable mist which can settle in at any time of the day dramatically changing the mood of the forest, Singlila had a lot of hidden shades which I was looking forward to discover.

My first freezing morning had a lot in store as I started my trek. Yes ofcourse the birds were there but as a photographer I prefer chasing the light rather than the species. Each and every bend I walked through had some natural jewels in the form of rejuvenating flowers, leaves and frozen frost droplets garlanding each and every part of this exotic forest.

The picturesque view of the Himalayas and the dazzling peaks of Kunchenjunga and Mt. Everst made the location even more photogenic. A physically draining trek yielding in a satisfactory collection of some natural jewels that would normally go un-noticed by a tourist in Singlila… Presenting a few of them:

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