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Canon EOS 1Dx Mark III – The Speed Demon Arrives!

Check out the first hand field report of the brand new Canon EOS 1DX Mark III which was launched this week. I tested out the camera in tough Indian winter conditions through the month of December amidst foggy and misty mornings of Corbett and Keoladeo and the soft light in the Little Rann of Kutch in Gujarat. The superb focusing, laser fast AF selection using the smart controller, 16 FPS and the ever awesome low light performance which the 1D series is known for makes this one of Canon’s best 1D. And of course the Canon 1Dx Mark III is all set to open a whole new dimension when it comes to wildlife filming.

Check out this video and the subsequent images to summarise my journey with this speed demon so far.


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All images (C) Shivang Mehta Photography

When nature garnishes green…

With the monsoon showers breathing a fresh life in parched forests that have faced a tough summer this year, I decided to squeeze in time for a quick visit to the outskirts of Pune to witness some of the green carpets of Western Ghats. As I walked through gushing waters through tunnels of thick and rich green forests around the Tamhini Ghat belt, walking upstream amidst the continuous rains was becoming a daunting task. The landscapes however were too beautiful to resist.

Armed with a Joby gorillapod, it was a big risk shooting with the Canon 5DM2 and the Canon 17-40mm f4 lens in the pouring rain but the mysticism of this sparkling green forest made it worth the effort.

Pleased to present some of the images from this land of green gold

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Glitter of Singlila

Himalayan Fireworks

I had heard a lot about Singlila… Rare Himalayan birds, the exotic red panda, Himalayan black bears and the elusive clouded leopard. Despite of the high potential of wildlife on offer I entered Singlila with zero expectations. My aim was to enjoy the beauty of this remote wilderness of India and ofcourse the joy of trekking through virgin forests – something which I have always enjoyed.

Within the first few hours of setting my foot inside Singlila National Park, a few aspects of the forest caught my eye. From the soft morning light that turned this forest to gold to the unpredictable mist which can settle in at any time of the day dramatically changing the mood of the forest, Singlila had a lot of hidden shades which I was looking forward to discover.

My first freezing morning had a lot in store as I started my trek. Yes ofcourse the birds were there but as a photographer I prefer chasing the light rather than the species. Each and every bend I walked through had some natural jewels in the form of rejuvenating flowers, leaves and frozen frost droplets garlanding each and every part of this exotic forest.

The picturesque view of the Himalayas and the dazzling peaks of Kunchenjunga and Mt. Everst made the location even more photogenic. A physically draining trek yielding in a satisfactory collection of some natural jewels that would normally go un-noticed by a tourist in Singlila… Presenting a few of them:

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The White Sand Leopards of Wilpattu

I went to Wilpattu with zero expectations. “How could any forest beat the leopard moments of Yala?” That’s what I had told myself during the 4 hour drive from Colombo. Within the first 2 hours of my drive through this forest, I fell in love with the habitat. From an Indian perspective it has flavors of Corbett mixed with a bit of Bhadra and some shades of Bandhavgarh as well. The absence of those massive rock formations that is the highlight of Yala was a bit surprising…

Over the course of my stay in Wilpattu I shot leopards in some unique never before backdrops. Sightings are not tailor made as it is in Yala where all vehicles can communicate within each other. Your cat tracking skills will be put to use for here you have to follow the traditional tracking channels – look for leopard track marks, be alert to cheetal alarm calls etc.

My latest mission in life is to capture a leopard against this particular white sand background…

Hopefully I will get there soon 🙂

River Tern Hysteria @ Bhadra

A small island midst the calm backwaters of Bhadra Tiger Reserve was glowing white as I was approaching this piece of land in my small motor boat. The sky was deep blue with a painting of thin cloud layers that made a compelling formation. I was wondering what the whiteness was all about. As soon as the boat neared the shore, the clouds in the sky had some company for a cloud of river terns took off in all directions. Their numbers were in thousands. With a flurry of chicks around it was apparent that they were breeding out here. The backdrop was a carpet of fresh green grass with a mixture of rocky and muddy banks to add to beauty. Here are some of the images that I created during the River Tern fiesta at Bhadra Tiger Reserve this June.

Pench Perspectives

It was a dark and gloomy evening in the Mowgli land and with the onset of monsoons, the weather was looking great for a drive in the forest but unfortunately pleasant driving weather doesn’t go too well with photographers because of our over-dependency on light sources which keep our trigger fingers happy. To the naked eye (because of the absence of light) Pench which I feel is one of the most picturesque parks of Madhya Pradesh when it comes to landscapes was looking pale and colorless. So I decided to experiment with some monotone perspectives and fortunately the denizens obliged making a supposedly dry drive very productive and interesting. Here are few of the images created during the last 2 days in Pench:

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